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SInce 2004, The Carlon Group has successfully served a highly diverse group of clients by developing durable and measurable approaches. We have evolved over the past 15 years with technology while still maintaining that cool tech is sometimes, well  just cool. We think differently and ask questions that most digital agencies never think about. We take a step back to look at the whole picture. Each member of our team has very specialized knowledge, and our goal is to come together to help you achieve your objectives, pure and simple.

Leadership Team

We have an extremely smart and insightful team that is here to help you meet your business and marketing objectives.

John is the principal and founder of The Carlon Group. He has spent his career helping companies to create lasting relationships that positively impact their bottom lines while staying true to their long-term strategic goals.

With over two decades of sales and marketing experience, he has focused his resources on helping companies more effectively engage with their customers, define and execute specific marketing objectives, and stimulate incremental revenue. All this starts with asking questions, understanding the customer’s business and developing solid, measurable marketing strategies. It’s not rocket science, but it is a science. 

Through The Carlon Group, he has an excellent track record for helping clients build brands, relationships and profits. He is curious about understanding each clients’ businesses and their respective revenue goals. Armed with this knowledge – and a team of very smart marketers, techies and data analysts – he helps generate solid results for The Carlon Group clients. In the process, developing long-term relationships with them. 

Emily is The Carlon Group’s Director of Operations and Marketing, keeping projects on track and interjecting marketing strategy along the way. She will be your day-to-day contact making sure all initiatives stay on track and within budget.

With a degree in public relations and marketing, and approximately 15 years of experience with both the client and agency worlds, Emily’s highly-creative brain, attention to detail, and wide-range of industry experience makes her stand out among her peers. A true jack of all trades, she works hard to ensure all initiatives are data-driven, focused, and and on track to meet and exceed goals. 

She may talk your ear off, but she is an out-of-the-box thinker and true task manager, able to focus on the big picture to make sure projects are complete, accurate and as perfect as possible.

In her free time, Emily enjoys mountain biking, skiing, trail running, backpacking, traditional archery, and being outside as much as possible with her wonderful husband and fluffy Australian Shepherd.

Julie is The Carlon Group’s creative and digital design guru. She is an expert designer as well as front-end developer, allowing her to take digital design to a new level. She’s also extremely data oriented able to make smart user experience (UX) decisions based on real user actions, experiences, and the data surrounding specific initiatives.

Julie studied Journalism at Abilene Christian University and cut her design teeth laying out feature pages as editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper. Her first post-baccalaureate job was as a web designer for a small start-up in Abilene, Texas, developing sites on the Lotus Domino and Websphere platforms. She has since worked for everyone from educational publishers to hosting providers to consumer packaged goods manufacturers. 

Her fondness is for web design and usability, but excels equally at print and collateral design. She also has a special place in her heart for prototyping, wireframing, and writing functionality documentation (and yes, that last bit makes her a bit of a masochist).

In her free time, Julie enjoys knitting, dance-based exercise classes, hanging out with her husband and son, and keeping track of all the characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Eric is an engineering and development genius and we are extremely luck to have him as The Carlon Group’s Director of Engineering and Development. He improves and enhances the marketing gap for numerous systems and clients. 

Eric not only develops complex software solutions and bridges the gap between development platforms of all kinds, including websites, database technology, telecommunication and more, he also takes a data approach using intelligent, technical initiatives producing superior results. Additionally documenting and mapping all processes and development initiatives along the way.

He exceeds all goals by completing some of the most technical integrations for companies large and small. From backend website development, to complex software engineer integrations, Eric is an outstanding and knowledgeable person to have on your team.

In his free time, Eric enjoys wine tasting, reading, golf, is a movie buff, and loves spending time with his wife.

Warren Lee is an accomplished Digital Marketing Technologist and content creator with more than 20 years of success across the financial services, technology e-commerce/retail, B2B SaaS, and real estate industries. 

Leveraging extensive experience leading customer acquisition and driving sales strategy, Warren has proven to be a valuable asset for companies requiring consulting or strategic and operational leadership related to digital marketing and integrating marketing technology. 

Warren has been recognized as subject matter expert in the field of SEO & content marketing. Additionally, his broad areas of expertise include business development, sales alignment, social media marketing, customer journey mapping, marketing technology and analytics integrations, and go-to-market product marketing strategies. 

An award-winning and recognized advertising industry thought leader, Warren achieves operational excellence and works across departments to keep projects on-time and within budget. He consistently exceeds company goals and market expectations. Warren is an innovative leader who drives digital transformation and growth by tapping analytics to drive decision making, project development, and organizational optimization. Additionally, he mentors professionals, delivers solutions for business challenges and brings an entrepreneurial and results focussed spirit to his endeavors. 

Bill is The Carlon Group’s Senior Art Director, the design driving force behind our multi-channel marketing efforts, bridging the gap between tactics with cohesive design. 

Bill’s highly-creative mind allows him to generate potent visual campaigns that increase loyalty, drive record-setting response rates and build long-term, profitable relationships—all of which accomplishes excellent results for each and every one of The Carlon Group’s clients.

Bill’s awesome personality, laid back demeanour, diligent work ethic and creative but very professional design style, enables him to make data-driven design decisions to meet and exceed our client’s goal and objectives. 

In his free time, Bill enjoys cycling, skiing and time with his girlfriend and family. 

Kathy is the Carlon Group’s Director of Measurement and Analytics. She is a seasoned analytics expert, with over 20 years of data analytics experience. 

She is an excellent marketing storyteller, showcasing how your efforts are performing, validating ROI, and predicting the tactical future performance, matching users with specific results, and finding holes, gaps and other areas that need improvement. Her database and CRM skills are above par and cannot be matched. 

With a wide-range of experience including large entities in the gaming industry, to affluent higher education and other large institutions, Kathy’s data knowledge and experience exceeds her peers. 

In her free time, you can find Kathy and her husband exploring new country and summiting high points all over the world. 

Client Testimonials

The Carlon Group provided us with amazing marketing direction and project support during a critical period. They are extremely organized and responsive.
Market Director
Market Director
Their team was very efficient helping us establish and execute some critical campaigns.
Vice President of Operations
Vice President of Operations
Carlon Group takes the initiative to go a little further than we ask, (in a good way) they really want to push the business forward and are not afraid to be bold in their questions or suggestions. I like working with them, they do what they say they are going to do.
Senior Vice President of Marketing
Senior Vice President of Marketing
A very proactive group. They get things done and have excellent project management skills, makes things very smooth.
Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Marketing Officer
EMS Software
Carlon really thought ‘out of the box’ with their approach to our marketing challenges regarding recruitment initiatives. Super responsive and detail oriented, made my things easy for me.
Vice President of Marketing
Vice President of Marketing
Service Source
On our initial engagement they asked us questions that would normally be along the lines of an investor, they really wanted to understand this specific segment of the business and they did remarkable work.
President of Operations
President of Operations
Panera Bread
We have worked with Carlon for several years and they are always bringing new ideas and creativity to our brand. They know the industry and helped us launch and elevate our new brand.
Director of Client Services
Director of Client Services

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